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The Gresham House Private Asset strategy provides investors with opportunities to access niche alternative specialist investment strategies and illiquid assets over a long-term investment horizon, aiming for superior returns after costs, over the medium to long term.

The investment objective is to achieve absolute returns principally through capital gains supplemented with the generation of a longer-term income yield. There is a bias in the approach towards private equity but the strategy also invests in public equity and specialist asset classes managed by Gresham House such as infrastructure and housing.

The investment team has a strong long-term track record in managing private and specialist asset classes and is further supported by an experienced Investment Committee. Focus is on smaller UK companies where there is an opportunity for value creation through strategic, operational or management initiatives and which demonstrate strong underlying operational cashflow and attractive ROCE.  For larger investors, we provide an opportunity to participate in our co-investment service that allows our investors to invest further with us on a deal–by–deal basis.


Why invest in Gresham House Private Assets?

The investment team has extensive experience with managing private equity investments as well as specialist asset classes and will invest in and partner with management teams of profitable and cash generative businesses to create value.

Gresham House follow a robust process focusing primarily on smaller private opportunities in the UK market below £50m enterprise value where the manager believes there to be significant market inefficiencies; these create opportunities for superior long-term returns, leveraging the experience of the investment team.

The team has a long-term investment view and targets superior returns net of costs, principally through gains supplemented with the generation of a longer-term income yield.

The Opportunity


*Source: GMO Q117 7-year asset class return data, Schroders 2016 7-year asset class return forecasts, GHAM calculated average of JP Morgan 10-year infrastructure subsector forecasts, Colliers Real Estate Investment Forecasts

The UK mid-market private equity industry is competitive and deal pricing is currently high relative to history. 

However, the investment team believes that inefficiencies at the smaller end of the UK market (sub £50m) creates investment opportunities through more attractive pricing and fewer competing investors.

The investment team focuses on private equity as well as specialist asset class opportunities, focusing on cash generative deals where they see opportunities to create long term superior returns whilst leveraging the experience and network of the investment team. The outlook for investment returns from private equity as well as real assets continues to offer superior returns compared to traditional asset classes.

Gresham House believes the strategy will be well differentiated and offers investors access to opportunities that would otherwise be the domain of larger institutional investors only. There is currently a strong appetite for these alternative investments, notably private, uncorrelated asset investments.

Alternatives offer superior returns compared to traditional asset classes.

Investment Process

How to invest in Private Assets

Investment into Gresham House Private Assets can be accessed through the London listed investment company LMS Capital plc (ticker LMS).

Please contact your broker for investment options.


Investment Committee

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